A step forward

For over 40 years, l’Llars Amistat Cheshire Foundation is supporting the welfare and empowerment of people with physical dependence. Now the will to update and improve its services has led the Foundation to transform the cardiovascular clinical Sant Jordi in MICs Center Sant Jordi.

Modules Independent Living (MICs) are designed for people with physical dependence, alone or with family, aspires to a high degree of independence and social and labor integration. The MICs support this project, since they are autonomous individualized homes where at the same time it has the very comprehensive and continuous care of a residential facility.

With the merger of these two concepts, housing and residential center, the Foundation unites the virtues of both space and performs a step that keeps professionals and Llars de l’Amistat Cheshire centers as regards the support and services provided the person with dependence

Board of Trustees

Information: 932 523 200

Visit their website at: www.micsantjordi.org